Maria Grazia the ex-Bond girl photo gallery

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Maria Grazia Cucinotta
was born in Italy, in the Sicilian town of Messina, on July 27, 1969. Her good looks came early and, when she was 16, she started modeling on the catwalks of Milan. At that age, she was already voluptuous, which contrasted with the other models of the era.In spite of an impressive resume in her native Italy, she is most famous in the international arena for having played waitress Beatrice in the blockbuster Il Postino (1994) and a ruthless assassin in the 007 adventure The World Is Not Enough (1999). She was also a guest star on the iconic drama The Sopranos.You've never seen grown men howling at the moon like our panel judges did when reviewing Maria. She has that dark, baffling and purely captivating aura about her that is the embodiment of Italian exquisiteness.

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