MTV Splitsvilla Girls in bikini PhotoShoot AND GALLERY

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MTV Splitsvilla Girls In Bikini PhotoShoot -

Two dishy men. Twenty sexy ladies. One villa in gorgeous Goa. And the torrid game of love & war. MTV brings you Splitsvilla, the newest, sexiest, naughtiest reality show on television. Two steaming-hot hunks Varun Saini and Vishal Karwal get to pick and choose from 20 sizzling-hot girls based on certain ‘tasks’ they have to perform every episode. (Now, now. Behave!) Obviously the ladies are going to go all out to grab their attention. We mean ALL OUT.

It’s a dirty fight to the finish. We’re going to be lucky witnesses to some unbelievable drama, treachery, sabotage, cat-fights, politics, back-stabbing, bitching and scheming.

Watch the girls undergo stress, fear, exhaustion, depression. Watch them try to out do each other with their womanly wiles (flaunt their stuff and how!) as the two lucky guys sit back and enjoy the show.

Remianing girls on the show: Bianca Mendonca, Hannah Sim, Heena Pardasani, Minakshi Khanduri, Shraddha Haribhai, Yamini Batra & Ritu Kochhar did hot bikini sh0ot on the beachside. Here is sizzling preview from the photoshoot

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