Isha Koppikar Looking hot small bra

By Magesh on 9:15 PM

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oolhotguy : isha do u hv any rivalry with neha dhupia?Ishaa Koppikar : no..rivalry at all ...till now..Hero : are you making raakh???Ishaa Koppikar : hero, its on hold at the moment..naveenl86 : I have been among you're biggest fans ever! I remember seeing for the frist time in En Swasa Kaatre back in 1998...and i've followed every one of your movies since then!! I must admit that i'm one of your biggest fans..and that u'd definately be top of my " Who I want to meet over coffee" people...the only reason i watched Don was cos of you!! Ditto for Salaam-E-Ishq...All the very best in everything you do! Hope 2007 takes you to the top of Bollywood!Ishaa Koppikar : naveen,thank u soooo much... ask indiafm to arrange for a coffee break...Hi Ishaaaa : Hi Isha do you like wtaching dramas on INdian channels and which drama do u like?Ishaa Koppikar : no i dont like dramas.

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